October 17, 2008

This is awesome.

I dare you to do this and not feel Zen.

October 15, 2008

I'm not gone, just... resting.

This is the longest I've gone without writing anything -- ANYthing -- ever. In my whole life. (Well, after I learned how to write, anyway). (And not work-related, I mean.)

I have many theories on why this is.

Love makes one less creatively inspired? I'm focused on building my career? (Oh yeah, I quit my last job, gave a middle finger to my stock options, and took a new, cooler one in a company that will weather economic turmoil AND pays me twice as much!!!) Got a puppy, puppy is to writing as salt is to slugs? Started reading the Twilight series against my better judgement and am now too busy being in love with a 100+ year old vampire? Signed up for a half-marathon and am now officially very sore and clearly insane? Planning a beer pong tournament and so am too exhausted (read: drunk with practicing) to document my escapades?

Aaah, while all these things are at least somewhat true, I can't say it was a conscious decision. I just accidentally took a break. But many interesting developments have, uh, developed. And I intend, as always, to overshare. Soon. In the meantime, some ear candy:

An old favorite mix I found on Muxtape, before the labels shut it down and forced a reinvention (which is pending...

Fiona Apple — Across The Universe
Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton — Doctor Blind
Earlimart — First Instant Last Report
This Is Ivy League — The Richest Kids
These United States — First Sight
Band a Part — Sounvenir de l'Avenir
장필순 — Good-Bye
Flight Of The Conchords — Leggy Blonde (Featuring Rhys Darby)

I'm coming back, promise. :)