May 04, 2006

May Mixtape and geeky linkage

We're only four days into May, but in those four days, I've essentially lived on eight songs by a grand total of six artists:

1. "Breathe Me" -- Sia: I don't know. Just like it's breathy neediness. I'm having a real girly month, I guess. I can't explain it.

2. "Here I Am" and "Nobody Knows Me (Like My Baby)" -- Lyle Lovett: Dude, I just really love this guy. He's the asymmetrical equivalent of my crush on pretty much every nerd. He's smart, and a little sensitive, and dry, and funny, plus funny looking. All that, I'm pretty sure, equals gangbusters in bed. Also, sometimes he sings imagery that I carry in my head: Reading newspapers over people's shoulders, warm yellow mornings, lonely breakfasts, riding horses on boats on oceans, cream in my coffee, etc. I don't expect you to understand it, of course.

3. "Sleeps With Butterflies" and "A Sorta Fairytale" -- Tori Amos: I was recently told that Tori Amos was entirely unlikeable by men. This I cannot understand. Men like/lust Fiona Apple (and so do I), and I consider Tori Amos to be Fiona's predecessor -- a little offbeat, darkish with a twist of hopefulness and humor; a generally incredible musician exploring obvious but semi-twisted themes, etc. Though these two songs in particular are sweeter than she was in her early years, I still think they're lovable by both sexes. Unless you're incredibly insecure, that is. I mean, she uses words like "butterfly" and "fairytale", so...

4. "I Could Hold You In My Arms" -- Ray Lamontagne: I've pimped R. L. before, but that is because he is just awesome. This song, in particular, has been high on my playlist this month. A note: the very best part of the song starts at 3:35. It's the best verse, and he sings the last chorus in a way that makes me replay it about 13 times before I finally let it end and go on to the next song on the playlist. I'm serious. Listen to the way he sings "I could hold you..." at the beginning of the last verse. It almost brings me to either tears or orgasm. I can't decide.

5. "Come Pick Me Up" -- Ryan Adams: Um, because I wish you would, and there's a little bit of wonderfullness in that kind of willing abandon, if that's not too much of an oxymoron to even exist. Obviously.

6. "Long Ride Home" -- Patti Griffin: Reminds me of my mother. And, by extension, also of me. For different, but probably related, reasons.


Check this out. Any site that compares me to Kirstin Dunst, Keri Russell, and Audrey Hepburn is just fine by me, thanks! (Let it be said, though, that when I ran a photo of a friend of mine who will remain nameless, Robert Downey Jr. came up. My friend is female. So perhaps ego boosts don't come standard...)

Find other cool Flickr mashups in this list of wonderfulness. God, I'm a geek. I totally used the word "mashup". I guess I should maybe consider retiring the pocket protecter, huh?

I've had this real-time Abe Vigoda alive/dead status icon on my desktop for months and it just occurred to me to share it with you perverse souls. So there you go. I think I might actually care now if Mr. Vigoda really DID die. He's my little (tiny) (virtual) buddy now, sitting there at the bottom right corner of my toolbar, staring morosely off into the distance, with his too-dark eyebrows and convincing mobster persona radiating all over his corner of my computer screen every morning, afternoon and night...

And, finally, LOST -- streaming! So you don't need to have a Tivo or cancel your plans every Wednesday night simply so you don't miss the single most addictive television show ever created (outside P. Diddy's "Making the Band" and VH1: Behind the Music, of course)!!


minijonb said...

Guys can like Tori Amos. I like her best in the old skool Little Earthquakes, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Under the Pink days.
I saw her in concert on the Little Earthquakes tour. It was just her and the piano with no back up band. Awesome.

Ixtab said...

You suck for linking to the My Heritage Site. Sure--you look like a bunch of hotties. I got Kirk Russell, Billy Idol, and Paris Hilton. Excuse me, but I have to run off and get plastic surgery now.

Trebuchet said...

Hey!!! Billy Idol is an equally sexy man AND woman. I'D be proud of that list.