December 12, 2006

Searchterms, visitors and playlist: December 2006

Searchterms leading to Legwarmers so far in December:

- convince my parents i have meningitis (Thanks to THIS post
- connie chung web hands (Can you think of anything more disturbing?)
- true enema experiences (Well, okay, there's ONE thing that's more disturbing.)
- pauly shore punched texas (Somehow, this doesn't surprise me. If anyone is stupid and bitter enough to try to punch the country's largest state, it's Pauly Shore. Poor scrawny, greasy bastard.)

My favorite, though, is the fact that so far this month my two largest search engine terms leading to Legwarmers that weren't obviously people trying to find Legwarmers (the blog) or legwarmers (the footless socks) were:

1) "condom instructions" and, thanks to my last post
2) "first lesbian encounter"

Quality content here, people. It scares me a little, though, that people who don't know how to use a condom might actually land here while searching to the answer to their... uh... most pressing of questions.

Shoutouts to three illustrious visitors this month:

1. Goodyear Tire Co. (Hey! Guys! It's about time for a rotation... show some love, already.)

2. Jones Soda Co. ("Run with the little guy." Such a great tagline. I have a warm place in my heart for these guys - after all, they're a local company. Plus, their marketing message is crystal clear: angsty tweens, misfits and liberals of the world, UNITE in brightly-colored, cool-labeled, soda-guzzling uniqueness!)

3. The US Patent and Trademark Office -- the only one of these three, by the way, who has a good reason to visit me during business hours: to hunt me down and punish me for the recklessly unattributed images posted throughout. Perhaps I should send cookies to make amends.

My former employer/colleagues are also regular visitors, which is funny because through the grapevine I hear they still refer to me only as "The Bitch" for leaving them for my current job. Which is, like, something out of Seinfeld.

Legwarmers' December Playlist:

"The Last Kiss" Soundtrack.

I got this months ago after seeing the film, which I actually liked, and it has since become part of my oft-played collection of CDs in the visor of my car. There are only about 10 CDs that make this cut. The requirement is that the CD has to be one you can listen all the way through without getting sick of - and it can't get super old after a dozen plays. This eliminates pretty much all mainstream music, as it tends to be pretty lyrically and musically formulaic which translates into audio boredom after about the fourth play (and its second month in the top 40).

Other albums that make the "Visor" cut include:

Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine
A Rage and Audioslave mix
People Under the Stairs
Nelly Furtado: Folklore
Ray Lamontagne
A jazz greats mix (think jazz standards ranging from "Blue" to "Birdland")
and Tribe Called Quest, among a few others.

Get it. It's good.

Have a great rest of the week. More coming soon...

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