July 06, 2007

Transience is bliss...

"You moved?" K's voice crackled a bit on the other end of the phone as I adjusted the volume so I could hear her over the 1970's pickup truck I drove in high school, which I was borrowing from my family to haul my furniture for the weekend. "Again??!"

"Yeah," I said. "But I swear it's the last time until I buy a house."

"Riiiight. I've heard that before."

"Seriously, this time I mean it."

"All I know is I'm not buying you another housewarming present."

"Ouch," I rolled my eyes. "You mean you're not going to bring over a bottle of wine which you then proceed to drink all yourself? Bummer."

"Touche," K laughed. "Okay, gotta go. Good luck!"

Yep, that's right: I moved. Again. Last weekend.

After a year and a half of Akeelah (my Abbyssinian) and I living alone in a cushy two-bedroom in the middle of Kirkland, we learned three things:'

1. Living alone means you can spend a lot of time totally naked (!!!)

2. Living alone costs more, and there's nobody to hold you accountable for not washing dishes or watching The Notebook three times back to back (both a good and a bad thing).

3. Living alone means you occasionally stub your toe or get bit by a huge spider or choke on something and are completely convinced you're going to die and your friends will finally find you a week later lying on your kitchen floor naked and blue with those toe-separators between your left toes and nail polish splattered everywhere, your cat perched on your cold (but still perky!) chest, licking your dead face. (um, a bad thing).

So, even though I have twice in the last two years sworn I wouldn't do it again, Akeelah and I moved last weekend. Into the master bedroom of a really beautiful, large house I found for me and three acquaintences just down the street from my old place. I gave my old place to my best friend, who has yet to experience the strange wonders of living alone.

More on the move (involving barbeque sauce, football and garbage -- no, really) coming soon...


minijonb said...

which bedroom did Akeelah get?

Trebuchet said...

She is not aware she is restricted to only one room. In fact, if you asked her, she would likely tell you this is her house, bitch.

She favors the huge bonus room, though, which we are lovingly referring to as the ManCave. She likes video games, dude. What can I say?

minijonb said...

the ManCave? i'd ask to see pictures... but i'm slightly frightened...


Chuckles said...

One of my brothers of indeterminate number has two abyssinians. The climb everything and like to perch on his shoulders, too.

I live alone and spend as much time as possible naked. It is hot in DC right now. Heck, even during the winter I spend a lot of time relaxing in the comfort of my own skin.

Trebuchet said...

Akeelah has a distinctly vertical world she explores on the daily.

She also drinks out of the toilet and likes to shower with me.

It's a little creepy, really.

Chuckles said...

The brother's cats like to watch people on the toilet. That is a little annoying, so I lock them out.

I thought cats didn't like water? It is almost like she is some sort of alien in disguise, sent from the stars to find one person and safe guard them from the dangers of showering alone. I wonder if that would work as a pick up line...