February 08, 2008

I've done a lot of stupid things while drunk...

Including but not limited to:

- initiating a giant cake fight in a house that wasn't mine, with cake that wasn't mine
- missing the cup and instead pouring a drink into a friend's lap
- getting lost on a beach
- sending mass-texts to everyone I know and then not remembering the next day
- drunk-dialing (shocker, I know)
- drunk-MySpacing (worse, I assure you)
- bar-fighting (that's a really good story, actually)
- locking myself out of my house
- ordering $100 bottles of wine when what I really needed was gatorade and a cheeseburger
- buying a shirt of a large black man's back
- dancing with a transient
- etc.

...but I've never threatened to blow up a city with a TV remote.

And that's something.

Happy Friday!


Chuckles said...

Hoooo boy.

Theft aside, the dumbest thing I have done drunk was...I can't really remember, but there are a few candidates.

Tapping a keg in a van? Pretty dumb.
Wandering around pantless? Pretty dumb.
Yelling at a cop and trying to climb a stop sign at the same time? Pretty dumb.

Trebuchet said...