March 01, 2005

Do over

So. It's been a long time.

And, luckily, nobody reads this, so that's cool and ok and nobody missed me. Which is both nice and suicide-inducing (although not really, and one-- if that one is tactful and caring-- should really not joke about such things).

So anyway, I'm back. This is my do-over.

And I have a confession to make:

I used somebody else's joke today.

Yep, that's right... I was having a hard time being entertaining, which I somehow always feel I should be, to avoid having to be myself (which is boring), and so I pilfered my best friend's really funny joke and told it to someone else.

Of course, after I told it, I got all sorts of props for being hilarious, which made me feel real guilty. And the compliments and laughing just kept coming. Which made it worse. You know when you say something funny and then people laugh, but a little too long, like they know it wasn't your joke to begin with and they feel sorry for you? That was it. That horrible, too- flattering laughing. It's something like what what's her face said on 'Strange Love' -- "You know ven people are overly kind to you? So you know they do not mean it? I don't like dat." Or something.

(I can't believe I just quoted Flava Flav's abnormally large dutch girlfriend, thereby exposing the fact that I watch that show... occasionally.)

In other business, my heel just broke.

But I did just rediscover Push Button Object and have been listening to it way too loud for about 34 hours straight (sometimes in the car, sometimes on the job, to the irritation of everyone around me). And that's nice and makes me feel better.

And really, life is good.
And short.
And it's later than we think.

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