March 01, 2005

Sometimes, it's better just not to go there.

So, some time back, I took this conspiracy theories class.

And I was studying in a group for the final.

And I don't know if its the fact the MATRIX RELOADED was coming out, or maybe it was just all the wacked-out conspiracy shit from class that had me thinkin', but all of a sudden I wonder, out loud, if we really are all living in a dream world right inside our skulls, like Dr. Spence said.

And one of my study partners asks me what happens, then, when we die (since it's common knowledge you can't die in a dream, I guess).

And I say, "Maybe we wake up."

Silence. *(insert general feeling of creeped-out-ness in group and lots of "hmmmmm...." eye contact)*

Add that to the list of surefire ways to end a conversation.

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Nick Murray said...

Liz Liz Liz.... i remember that old "burn down the admin buliding... it could use some sprucing up though... maybe add that there was a scortch mark in the hall after you dropped the paper, something, anything... really.... come on... well i just got back from playing football so i figued i'd check to see if you got your "blog" up, and yes indeed you did... so yeah... there you go... ummm not much else to say for now..

nick- gus- whatever