August 21, 2005

Hey, at least I've got drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, right?

It's been an exhausting/sad/karmic week or two in my life, (hence the limited posts) but don't worry... I've been medicating. My prescription includes:

  • Tylenol PM to induce arm-numbness followed by loopiness followed by zombie-like dreamless sleep
  • Consuming entire bottles of Cabernet with 2-3 Marlboro Ultra-Light 100's sprinkled here and there (Ultra-light because that way I can say I'm a non-smoker, 100's because they're so long and I like to call them "Marlboro Millions")
  • Everything written by Jonathan Saffron-Foer
  • A personal trainer who must hate me because he totally gets off on completely fucking kicking my ass - after which I spend 2 days free-falling to the toilet, the couch... basically anything I try to sit on. Also, my shoulders are so sore I have to walk around like one of those little Irish clogger girls who never move their arms. Which I get a kick out of, but everyone around me hates, because they have to open doors for me, spoon feed me, brush my teeth for me, etc. (But not really.)
  • Lots of good songs, up loud, in my car

Which inspired this mixtape, for your listening pleasure. It is good for:

  • Long drives
  • Early mornings
  • Forgetting
  • Remembering
  • Forgetting, dammit
  • And casual sex. (OK, not really... I just threw that in there to see if you were still with me.)

Tracks are a little sad, a little hopeful, a tiny bit silly, and go as follows:

  1. David Gray -- "Gray Sky Morning"
  2. Tegan and Sara -- "Walking With a Ghost"
  3. Jason Mraz -- "Plane" (from his new CD, which you must listen to at least 3 times through before you start liking)
  4. Bran Van 3000 -- "Drinking in LA"
  5. Alana Davis -- "Blame it on Me"
  6. Tegan and Sara -- the one with the chorus that goes "If you're gonna get up, you might as well get up with me..." (I can't for the life of me think of the title to that song right now, so if someone could help me out here, that would be great)
  7. Ben Folds Five -- "Song for the Dumped" (no, I was the dumper, but it still applies, and I still want him to give me back my damn black t-shirt)
  8. Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack -- "When Doves Cry"
  9. The Republic -- "Let It Rain" (check these guys out... they're local to Seattle, sorta Brit-rock-ish, a little like Coldplay, but less boring and curiously less popular. And they're named after Plato's "The Republic".)
  10. The Republic -- "To Go"
  11. Squarepusher -- "Iambic 9 Poetry" (Thanks, N.)
  12. G. Love and Special Sauce -- "Milk and Cereal" (Silly, but so damn good.)
  13. Jack White -- "Never Far Away"

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