March 01, 2006

The standard lame excuse

I have so much to say but have somehow been hit with a major time shortage. I will be in New York until Monday. Absolutely no writing will be taking place until sometime thereafter. So at least I've set appropriate expectations for lameness.

But after that, you can expect a shitstorm of genius and many an anectdote. Or at least a post every other day for a while to make up for the last week or so.

Be well, and have a good weekend!


I'm a retard. By "until Monday", I mean I'll be back on Monday. Sorry for the confusion. But don't expect anything until after I've recovered from the extreme hangover, jet lag, and bird flu (which I will most certainly pick up on the plane, because that is the luck I have).

Good day!


auntiegrav said...

Drop something out the window as you fly over Wisconsin. (home of the Baby Cheesus)

auntiegrav said...

1 people were talking, so I had to kill them.

Trebuchet said...

Again, you have saved the day. Many thanks.