May 29, 2007

T minus 7.5 hours until the gym

Since my recent surgery, I’ve been directed to cease and desist two things: sex and the gym.

Since I am having about as much of the first as a married woman (read: none), that didn’t concern me. And at the time, when told I’d have to take a few weeks off from the gym, I thought sweet! A mandatory break from working out! I’m going to get soooo good at T.V. watching and wine-drinking it is going to be unreal.

And I did. And it was good.

For about three days.

After which all I could think about was working out.

I was like a junkie craving a fix. I had dreams I was at the gym, mid-day yoga fantasies, and after dinner I started to have to drink, lest I get in the car and end up on a treadmill somewhere in south Seattle. And it got into my head in more ways than one. Not only could I not stop thinking about it, I started to feel like you could see the “hasn’t worked out in a week” on me. I couldn’t find a single thing in my closet that I felt like I looked good in.

I even started cheating a little… popping in to do quick 20-minute tune ups – nothing rigorous, but maybe a few lunges, some shoulder work - you know, just a little taste.

But at long last, the countdown is over. Last night I could hardly sleep, I was so excited. And now, sitting in the corner of my office like a beacon of crack-like exercise hope is my gym bag.

I’m not sure if I’m compensating for the lack of activity in other… um… areas of my life or if I’m just so elementary that the moment someone says I can’t do something it’s all I want to do, but I just don’t care. I’m going to the gym, dammit. And in all likelihood I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


allmypulp said...

I like working out but hate the gym. It's got so much moronic testosterone that you could create a nuclear weapon from the sweat inside.

But really to each his own on that one. I'm like a camel when it comes to that one. I just go every now and then to fill my hump of hate, till it runs out, then once the hate is all gone, I might go back and fill it up again.

Trebuchet said...

I have a little something stewing about the gym, myself, but it hasn't fully formed yet, so I'm holding off on posting it.

But honestly, it depends on where you go, and how loud you keep your music. I just never, under any circumstances, take my headphones off. On occasion, when I've forgotten my ipod, I have stuffed the end of my headphone cord into my shirt and put the headphones on anyway to keep people from talking to me.

There's nothing worse than someone trying to talk to you when you're in the middle of your third set of leg presses, your knees are up around your head, you're sweating like an animal and you're very, very angry at the weight of those plates.