June 21, 2007

Two things

1. Last night was a long night. Dinner, wine, walk, skyline-gazing, a fresh rosemary-fight (don't ask), a late-night house intruder... the point is I woke up hung over and exhausted today. And smelling like rosemary. But again, not the point. The point is that I actually cleaned up pretty good, if I do say so myself, and thought I was keeping it together quite well. Until one of the founders of my company walked by and said in the sweetest east Indian accent -- I shit you not: "Are you doing something differently?" while gesturing to my face/head region. When I replied that no, in fact, everything was as it should be and nothing was different, he said "Hmmm. You look like you partied... a lot." Sheesh. Hold no punches, why don't you?

2. I will be in Las Vegas starting tomorrow morning and ending Monday night. There is a 25 percent chance I will get married there, a 50 percent chance I'll get sunburnt, a 75 percent chance I'll experience feelings of guilt after gambling and a 100 percent chance I'll get blitzed. Oh, I'm also working there. So none of the above (except the guilt) will be done on business hours. Which means there's also a 100 percent chance I'll come back and sleep for three days.

As always, I'm certain there will be stories, which of course I will share. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend!


Casey said...

So did you get married?

Trebuchet said...

Not this time. But that's only because I failed to pack my veil and was too busy losing, winning and then losing again at the Blackjack tables.

Oh, and boozing.

Sorry to dissappoint!

Adam said...

What's great about Vegas isn't "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but "what happens in Vegas never really happened." I was personally hoping for the wedding, but I always root for the statistically improbable (that's right..loser syndrome) and I'm glad you at least fulfilled the expected gambling (guilt?) and boozing.