June 08, 2007

Unapologetic shitheadery.

If you have nothing to blog about, let someone smarter and funnier than you blog, instead.

Ryan Reynolds (formerly Alanis Morrissette's better half) is now writing for the Huffington Post. I didn't realize I loved this man until the moment I read this (click link at top), his first contribution, which includes the brilliant phrase "grotesque displays of boundless, unapologetic shitheadery".

I would apologize for the gratuitous posting of a picture of Ryan half-clothed, but the thing is that I'm just not sorry.

I mean, take a good look.

...Yeah, you're welcome.

Have a great weekend, all. Check you Monday... maybe.

After recieving two rapid-fire email complaints about the sexism of this post, I have agreed to include a second photo to right my wrong. Here for all male Legwarmers readers to enjoy: Jessica Alba in one of her many swimsuits shots! Happy?


Ben said...

I love adding ery to words. Shitheadery, douchebaggery, it just adds that special something for those really important moments in you life.

minijonb said...

yeah, i'd like to hear Jessica Alba chat about shitheadery... or anything for that matter.

does this mean that new words shitheadarific and shitheadtabulous are not far behind?

Trebuchet said...

BEN!!! You couldn't be more right. I've actually used "douchbaggery" before. And this weekend I used "sarcasamery". Which didn't go over real well, but I thought it was funny.

Where are you these days, anyway? I need an update, my cross-country flying friend.

Mini -- I think you're on to something. I also think shitheadalicious is on its way.

Fl4dd3rm0uz said...

You can never make sexism equal.. there are just too many naked women out there ;) So WHOEVER complained about it... has got no clue and should die.. now... :P

Anonymous said...