August 15, 2007

Goodness update

There are many good things happening (BO-RING, I know) at the moment -- in fact, so many that I have no time for a proper (or, rather, completely inappropriate, lengthy and unnecessarily sarcastic) post. So, instead, a list, which I'll come back to for discussion as soon as humanly possible (and I return from vacation):

1. I'm going on vacation!
As usual, this will entail lots of sun, shit-talking while playing various games and sports, alcohol and lying around when not shit talking, drinking, or playing sports. Or frantically waving on-fire marshmallows around my head trying to extinguish them when I accidentally over-toast them (in my toasted, overly, state).

2. I'm alive, surviving the world's worst flu of all time. (Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I didn't eat or work for 3 days, so for me, that's major).

3. My escape artist cat is now an indoor/outdoor cat! This means I 1) don't have to feel guilty about being a bad mother and giving her away and 2) she's smarter than I gave her credit for: when she gets out, she kicks it in the great outdoors for a while, then realizes it's boring and scary out there and there's nothing good to eat and comes home, sits outside the door and meows until someone hears her and lets her in. Hurrah!

There's more, as always, but before I can fully re-commit myself to you, humble readers, I must bake myself for four days outside cell phone range and far, far away from the Interweb.

Wish me luck, have a lovely weekend, and we'll talk soon.

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minijonb said...

have a lucky, wonderful weekend! send us a postcard =:-)