August 02, 2007

Not technically plagiarism, just extreme, credited, laziness

From Dooce, pretty much the funniest blog excerpt I've read in a while. It's long for an excerpt, which I'm sure violates some sort of copyright law, but what the hell? Drive fast, take chances, I say.

[And Dooce, apologies for the fact that I'm leveraging your shit to entertain my readers because my shit today is actually quite shit-like, which is to say unfunny/uninteresting, whereas your shit is golden.]

At any rate, we enter the scene when our heroine is in the middle of a quick and thrilling livingroom hookup with her hubby (their roommate, GEORGE!, is out at the moment, presumably for the night, hence the rogue non-bedroom hook-uppage):

"...I’ll just go ahead and admit that there is nudity, like there is wont to be in this type of situation, and within a few minutes there is a cloud of shirts and pants and pillow cushions that has sex-ploded in a giant burst over the entire living room, like a herd of elephants has come through and knocked everything over. And we’re being very friendly with each other when suddenly a strange but familiar noise comes ringing through the air, that of a door handle being vigorously jiggled.

I don’t even remember this happening because it is so lightning fast, but somehow Jon is mid-air within, I don’t know, a blink? And just as quickly he has one leg into his underwear. Now, I have no frame of reference as to what I’m supposed to do in this type of situation. I’ve never had to hide the act of sex from anyone because I started participating in it at an age when my parents were not in the other room. And a part of me thinks that if I close my eyes GEORGE! will just go away. If I can’t see him then he can’t see me. That’s called physics.

Meanwhile Jon is waiting for me to make a move, to hop up and carry my bare white ass to a closet or at least behind a piece of furniture. And I notice that he’s looking very confused, so all I can think to do is grab one of the pillows I have thrown off the couch and cover my body, although come to find out it’s only big enough to cover one body part, not two at the same time, and it’s Sophie’s Choice right there in my living room...."

How's that for a cliffhanger? Read the rest, here.

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