September 19, 2005

Back, ye scurvy dogs!

Today is official talk like a pirate day. I learned this when walking back from lunch. While waiting at a crosswalk, I noticed that next to me were a couple typical yuppie Microsoft-types with blue shirts and ties. Which typically I wouldn't notice, except they were both wearing eyepatches and scowling. I must have looked suprised, because one of them turned and informed me, in full pirate-speak and with a faux (I think) drunken swagger, that it was, well, official talk like a pirate day.

So I scurried back to my office and did a little research, and sure enough... Dave Barry thinks it's talk like a pirate day too (check out the link, above, for his introduction to this important holiday). And Anna Nicole Smith is also celebrating, I think... or is that just the typical swaying, slurring, and breast-exposing? Whatev.

Today Engadget has this photo up of a special ergonomic pirate keyboard.

And, if you struggle to translate English into pirate, as I do, check this translation site out.

Enjoy, mayties! The day is still young... and the liquor store is open. Buy yerself some whiskey and celebrate proper-like.

(That translator thing is sweet.)


Anonymous said...

After seeing your seal-slayer pic the red flags went up and I had to do a little more digging to see what kind of person I have been having a half-ass friendship with for the past 6 years...and to be honest with you, the only thing I can say is WOW!!!

Trebuchet said...

Well, that's better than what SHE said last night... ("that's IT?").

You love me. Don't deny it.

Drew said...

What a great blog! Did you know that you can cure cancer with our patented BROCCOLI LOTION?!

Just kidding, it's Drew.

This post is amazing, especially the pirate keyboard. Linking will be in full effect for Monday's post. Take care homey.