September 16, 2005

He-Man, Mach-18's and Alf.

To celebrate the arrival of the weekend, I thought I'd share this ridiculously funny link that I recieved from a colleague who found it on Drawn. If you're at work, please note that unless you work in a place where the volume can be up and you can be your own private dancer, I highly recommend waiting until you're approaching 3 sheets this evening to click the aforementioned link.

But just so you don't feel left out and you have something more quiet, but equally entertaining, here's a little something you CAN click. Did you know there's a 5-bladed razor coming out? Why can't they stop with the adding of blades? And why doesn't someone just release, like, a 10 bladed razor just to fuck with everyone else? We're doing this wierd blade by blade increase, and it's like these companies actually believe us consumer whores are going to think a 5-bladed razor is actually worth an extra dollar. Or that investors are going to scratch their chins and say "Gee, you know Schick is coming out with a 7-bladed razor? That's really innovative. We should buy our life savings worth of stocks in that cutting-edge company for sure!"

I am flying to Boise to go to a wedding this weekend. I love weddings. The ceremony, the cool and strange family members that attend, the token drunk uncle/sobbing father/pissed off bridesmaid with bad hair, the food, the toasting, the public displays of affection from old people, the cake-fight part, the typically bad music, the bunny hop, the little kids in their tuxes and fluffy dresses running around like little miniature brides and grooms screaming like 3 foot banchees, the groomsmen who inevitably mack on the one good looking bridesmaid which ultimately ends in a) a scuffle, b) an illicit video, c) a very satisfied bridesmaid, or d) none of the above -- I just have an active imagination and a little spare time on my hands at the moment.

Anyway, I think they're great. And I hardly ever think about the fact that everyone I know is getting married and I'm newly single and the prospects aren't looking so promising and I'm starting to suspect what the leftist lesbians say about men just might be true. (Lie) And I'm really looking forward to the whole boquet toss part and plan to definitely not sneak out just before that happens (also a lie).

So the net net is that I really am looking forward to this whole wedding thing, or at least most of it, and I wish you were going to be there to share in the drama and the glory of it all with me. Too bad... you'll have to wait for the pictures to develop.

And, finally, the hippest kid on the internet:

Alf rocks. And this little fat kid knows it, and is proud. So, by default, this kid is the coolest ever. I don't think you can/should argue with that logic.

Happy Friday!


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Trebuchet said...

I hate you all.
Now I have to turn on "word verification" so my real friends can leave comments and you jackasses can't. That sucks for my friend(s). A plague! A plague on all your asses houses!