September 17, 2005

Spam Off!

Eff these spammy comment-leavers and emailers!

Seriously. You're not creative... you're not clever... you didn't just figure out the secret to getting clicks on your crappy-ass selling-garbage website. You're just annoying me, humble blogger, and causing me to write about you, which is boring and hateful and generally uninteresting. HONESTLY. If you're that desperate to sell whatever it is you're selling, you're probably going out of business. Just cut your losses now and maintain whatever dignity you have left and leave me and my quirky little practically nonexistant blog alone!!! (I'm starting to feel like Ben Stiller in the airplane scene of Meet The Parents -- "I just want you to take those little sticks out of your ears and listen to what I'm saying..." and, later: "Bomb bomb bomb! Bomb bomb, bomb-bomb!")

In related news, this guy is pissed off at link spammers (aka comment spam) and is doing something about it. Blacklist away, Simon! Spammers, beware! And be ashamed. You're lame.

1 comment:

The Ken said...

I concur, indeed. In true trainee doctor in "Catch me if you can" style. OK, so he SHOULD have concurred. I wrote my own thoughts on comment spam here.

That guy's blacklist's a bit frightening. The number and nature of entries were equally noteworthy. Disturbing, but I'll be strong.