August 23, 2006

Tape a record, go to prison.

Dear Huey Lewis,

I love you. Do you believe in love? Naturally.

I know I ain't perfect, but remember how you told me it's alright? I really took that to heart, and finally I feel ready to tell you how I feel, and why.

It's just that the heart of rock n' roll really IS the beat(n)! And you got me through some really hard times, with boys calling me "prude" and "boring" and "straightlaced" and "crazy bitch", with your theory that it is, in fact, hip to be square. Thank you for that, it changed my life.

I'm so happy to be stuck with you, Huey. I guess what I'm trying to say is... well... I get a little shy, so pardon me if I borrow your more eloquent words for a moment:

So do you love me or what? Do you love me or what? You're just breakin' me up... Do you love me or what?

Please circle one:




(Also, I really, really want that shirt. Where did you get it?)

Love always -- heart and soul,

Your other woman (it's the power of love, Huey. Really.)


ShadowAngel said...

I think I've _finally found a home_ with you. And _if this is it, please let me know. If this ain't love, baby, just say so_, 'cause I've been _walking on a thin line_ and I don't want to be singin' those _honky tonk blues_...


Blonde Vigilante said...

Huey Lewis, huh? Well, everybody's got to have sumphin.

Trebuchet said...

THANK YOU, Shadowangel, for getting it. And nice work, man!

missy&chrissy said...

wow. seriously, we love huey lewis! have you ever seen him live? he actually puts on a fantastic show. of course you can't mind being the only people under the age of 40 in the audience...

Trebuchet said...

i would let a toddler use my new Prada bag as a teething ring to see him in concert.

i think he's fabulous -- and have a thing for older men, anyway. Sound like my playground...

jali said...

It's hip to be square... just saying.

Anonymous said...

I designed that shirt some 27 years ago (ouch!) for the Plant Studios in Sausalito during the recording of "Sports". I'm sorry to say you'll have a tough time getting one (I wish I still had one).

Be well,


Anonymous said...