September 19, 2006

International Talk Like A Pirate Day Returns

And yet again I'm surprised by the gusto with which people celebrate around here. I was in the elevator with two video game programmers this morning, and one of them had a fake parrot on his shoulder. Granted, they're video game guys, but still.

And "Wife Swap" has also indulged in the madness. Check out this trailer for a particularly pirate-y switcharoo show.

Go HERE for more info on the most fun international holiday around.

Finally, if you are really at a loss for things to do at work today, go here and voice your opinion on this age-old question: who's better, pirates or ninjas? Thus far, responses have included:

Vote for Pirates: "Ninja's get a limb cut off, they retire. Pirates get a limb cut off, and now they look even more dangerous."


Vote for Ningas: "Pirates have scurvy."



jali said...

I'm all aarrgghhed out.

Chuckles said...

Ninjas are so much better than pirates. I have heard that pirates prefer to be called Buccaneer Americans.

jali said...

It's a shame that the holiday occured during the TB Buccaneer's losing streak. Oh well!

Trebuchet said...