September 27, 2006

The Bare Ass Booze Pitch Post Plug

Kevin of the "Bad Pitch Blog" (link under "linkage" at right) put up a post today discussing a bad pitch I sent him a few weeks ago.

For you non-PR types out there, a "pitch" is typically an email (sometimes snail-mail or phone call) directed to a journalist (or group of journalists) from a PR person who intends for the journalist to read/hear the pitch (about the PR person's client or product) and then subsequently write about it, put it on TV or otherwise propel it into the world by virtue of the large captive audience they have at their attention.

This particular pitch was sent to me from a journalist friend who recieved it some time ago. He forwarded it to me for a laugh, and in an effort to emphasize why he almost categorically hates PR people.

While I couldn't defend the pitch, I did have a laugh -- and passed it on to Kevin, who publicly, hilariously, and scathingly disembowels ill-advised pitches like these every day.

Thank goodness I didn't touch it here - I couldn't compete with his post. Check it out, and laugh: The Bad Pitch Blog: The Bare Ass Booze Pitch.



Drew said...

You're my PR hero.

jali said...

Wow. Naked winemaker.

Wonder what the extra fizz in his wine might be...


Trebuchet said...

You guys, I'm working on getting the photo that was included in this pitch and press release up on Legwarmers.

It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I think I've just decided which winery I'm *never* going to buy wine from.

Anonymous said...

Okay Momma,

Enough with the time off. Are you okay?

Ben said...

I recently herd a very funny comment that made me think loosely of this blog. The comment in question.

"George Bush is one of those things that was really popular for a few years, and then overnight became really unpopular. Kind of like legwarmers."

That being said, I think this blog has much more staying power than actual legwarmers. And if I was to attempt to write all of the ways I think it is better than George Bush, not only would I run out of room in this small comment section, but I would be up most of the night.

Cheers to drinking wine naked.