November 24, 2005


**This was written for the 7th Poetry Carnival, hosted by Garnet with the theme "music".**


In the dark I am one of many, fingers to lips just so,
exhaling my melody into the throbbing, smoke-filled room

where bodies warm with swaying nodding tapping lilt behind
the meter of the spotlit island's tight blue cadence.

Ice clinks in short glasses while I tap my thumb;
frosted ashtrays slowly fill with perfectly timed conversations.

My words scat along the bar now, rythmic and stacatto;
my heart pounds, crescendoing, in twos and fours

trading eights with yours across the table.


Bryan said...

i see you live in seattle. All that i have to say is that Spokane is better.*cocieted grin*

Cool poem BTW

rdl said...

Very nice!

garnet david said...

Trebuchet- the rhythm clinks like the ice. and I love the last two lines! well done. perfect poem for the carnival. thank you.


Trebuchet said...

Thanks, friends! Garnet - you did a fantastic job of hosting. Thanks for the fun challenge and kind words. :)