April 27, 2006

I'm baaaa-aaaaack!

I know, I know... and I'm sorry.

But while I was gone, I got so much done. For example, I:

1. Got a new, more awesome, job!

2. Ate meat (breakfast Reuben, steak dinner)!

3. Spent another weekend with New York (he came here)!

4. Drank my weight in dirty vodka martinis!

5. Sort of accidentally introduced New York to my family, and then proceeded to go Easter egg hunting with he and my parents (yep -- that's right. The youngest of the bunch was me. At an innocent 24.89 years of age) and he survived!

6. Made enemies with all New York's friends!

7. Nearly died in a freak windstorm accident!

8. Stocked my wine rack (and only half -- OK, two-thirds -- of the bottles cost me less than 10 bucks)!

9. Gave various bums a sum total of nearly 80 dollars and an egg salad sandwich in one week!

10. Rediscovered the exclamation point (clearly) and my distaste for bagpipes!

More coming...


Pat McLellan said...

Regardless of New York's loving antics, I'm still preparing for an island paradise and an exceptionally large rain room. It's good to see you back, kiddo.

auntiegrav said...

Dyin' to know the details of the enemizing of New York's friends....


Trebuchet said...

Pat: A deal's a deal. And you're still on. I just hope I'm still the coolest in 8.97 years, which is how long we have to poo or get off the pot... :)
How's AMH?

Aunti: Perhaps I'll get into it at some point, but here's the gist: typical drunk, aloof, posturing girl stuff. Disclaimer: I was very, very drunk. Accidentally. There are entire chunks, in fact, of that night that are a little... uh... fuzzy. Ah, well.