April 04, 2006

Three songs and a whole-persona transplant

Two great songs:

George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" played on the ukelele by Jake Shimabukuro
I am thinking about falling in love with Mr. Shimabukuro, even thought I cannot for the life of me pronounce his last name. It's just that he kicks this song's ass, and makes the ukelele look, well, a little rock star and not at all feminine, 1930's-esque or out of proportion. See for yourself.

"Baby Sleep With Me" by Bijou Phillips
Warning: it's totally sad. It makes me totally sad. She says "I'll do what you tell me/and cry if you stop me...tonight, I'm someone else", and it's just self-destructive enough that when I first listened to it I thought about crying and wished a tiny bit that I was disillusioned and desperate because she makes it seem entirely beautiful.

A weird one:

"Company in My Back" by Wilco has been playing over and over on my ITunes and I just now realized that I have no idea what the hell it means. I mean, really -- can someone help me out, here? Here's a bit:

I attack with love, pure bug beauty
I curl my lips and crawl up to you (x2)
And your afternoon
And I've been puking

I move so slow, a steady crushing hand
Holy shit there's a company in my back (x2)

Hide your soft skin, your sorrow is sunshine
Listen to my eyes (x2)
They are hissing radiator tunes...

I mean, it seems like a bug's love song to a woman, who then proceeds to squish it. Which I think is completely rad, but am having a hard time believing. So if you have any other ideas, please enlighten me.


I have a total Heterosexual Hollywood Crush on Zooey Deschanel. I have a long list of women I'd gladly trade heads with, as you may know, (Angie Harmon, Keri Russell, etc.) and Zooey doesn't make the list. That is because I want to trade, um, EVERYTHINGS with her - a kind of like I have for Katharine Hepburn, among very few others.

The girl totally became my surprise favorite when she sang "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in Elf like she was straight out of 1940, but I figured that excited me more than it should have because I'm super festive around the holidays and a jazz geek. But it's April and a few years later and I still think she's fabulous and classy and fascinating. And I just found out she's playing in a film based on my favorite children's book of all time, A Bridge to Terebithia. Should be out some time in 2007, apparently. So there you go.

If I were a boy I'd totally be in love with her. As is, I'd just like to become her. Not sure which is creepier.


minijonb said...

I don't think that's creepy at all. She's your new role model. I fell in love with Zooey (in a totally hetrosexual way) when I saw her in Failure to Launch this weekend. She's funny and yummy and a whole case of chips!

auntiegrav said...

1 people were talking again...
Company in my back...hmm. Like "an accountant in my ass" perhaps? A Ceo in my crotch? Dunno.
Zooey Gooey Kablooey? Wooooweee!!
Face it, you've got 'tendency'; don't fear it, roll with it. Let us all know how it turns out.

Hey, a whole comment without reference to weapons. How 'bout dat?!

Trebuchet said...

Tendency? Really? That's what we're calling it?

I am proud of you, though, about the lack of guns in your comment. Impressive. Keep up the good, nonviolent, work.

Mister Underhill said...

She really reminds me a lot of the girl who broke my heart - though that girl had brown eyes not those amazing eyes.

Anonymous said...