July 07, 2006

Click it or ticket

Video (and band) of the week: When I Wake Up by Wintergreen.

There is one main reason this video (and, by extension, this band) is kickass: Atari love. The music video for "When I Wake Up" tells the story of one of the greatest flops in video game history -- a debacle that actually caused Atari to destroy millions of copies by burying them in a landfill. Yes, it was THAT bad. It actually makes it onto the list of "Worst Video Games Ever". Seriously.

The video is good. The band is, too. They were here in April and put on a good show. Very indie, and mixed/produced by Fiona's ex-producer, which is a vote of confidence for me. But my clearly Atari-driven love for them begs the question: can you love a band only for its videos? And if so, are there other examples of this? I know I've hated bands because of videos before. For example, U2's "Numb". Lame, lame, lame.

Also, if I had ever liked these guys in the first place, this would have definitely turned me off. Weird stuff.

A song recommendation, or rather two:

Inara George -- Mistress

I've been listening to a lot of Inara George again. She's got some great lyrics. in Mistress, she lilts: "Will you take me as your mistress?/long and dark hair/will you cut it off when it is useless?"

And No Poem is acerbic and great: "You're no poem when you open your mouth... if I were you I wouldn't talk -- I'd just keep dancin'".

And, just to rot your brains until my next story (which is about pooping your pants):

George W., K-Fed and Myspace. Aaaah.

Have a good weekend!


Kevin said...

I got that game as a gift when it came out and, I can confirm, it definitely sucked.

Thanks for the heads up on the tunes.

Trebuchet said...

Nice to see you back here, Kevin. And you're welcome. I'm always open to suggestions, too, you know...

Chuckles said...

You should check out Hope Chest. They play SF frequently because they are local Bay people.

Trebuchet said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Chuckles. Will download immediately, and if I like 'em you can expect to see them recommended here sometime soon...