July 19, 2006

Poo Tube Recall

You know that innertube my friend rode on that caused her to crash, poop, and display extreme hypochondria? (You know, this story?)

Well, check this out:CPSC's Kite Tube is being recalled due to deaths and serious injuries, both of which are WAY worse than pooping yourself in public.

So if you happened to purchase one of these puppies and my story of woe and rectal misfiring didn't put you off the thing, this might.

Toys these days. Sheesh.
Be careful out there!


ShadowAngel said...

Whoops. I just left a comment on your original "poo tube" post about this very thing (I'd gotten there through the BOTD site and hadn't read anything else yet.)

Trebuchet said...

Thanks! Good to know someone's watching out for us!