January 16, 2007

Big weekend in Portland

Coming up, that is. I'm already writing to say that because I'm preoccupied with the pending awesomeness of the big weekend in Portland, preoccupation mostly manifesting itself through lots of warm-up drinking and spacing out at work, I probably won't post until next week.

Consider yourself warned.

This weekend is dedicated to lifting the spirits of one of my girlfriends, who moved out of state for/with a boyfriend, who is now in a questionably rocky state with him and needs some girl time (read: needs to go out, see the greener grass, and be brainwashed into coming the fuck home).

So, as this weekend means a mission to bring back a dear friend gone astray, it will be epic in scale. Rad hotels, great meals, and lots and lots of booze. And shopping. And maybe some sports.

So Portland: watch out. Brookie's coming out to play. And she's staying within walking distance of every bar downtown, and she's bringing her three most fun girlfriends.

It just might get ugly. (Keep your fingers crossed. Ugly usually means really good stories.)

Also, if you live in Portland and want to see/contribute to a shit show plus laughs, email me. If you don't, I suggest you stay in. Because we'll be absolutely unavoidable.


Chuckles said...

I kinda like Satyricon and the associated bar next door. The Virgnia Cafe (or whatever) is alright, too.

I miss Portland.

jali said...

You're a cool girlfriend to be there for your friend. Will be waiting to hear the "ugly" stuff. Have a ball!