January 26, 2007

A friday snack, from me to you.

This song just made my Friday.

It's called "Young Folks" and is by Peter, Bjorn and John (PB&J... I know, I know). It is a little out of tune and over-simple like any synth-pop: a basic drumbeat, some whistling and a perky chorus with some repetitive lyrics and an obligatory accent. But something about them is better -- less produced and glossy than Postal Service and other 80's esque synth music -- more airy and real. The NY Times called it "wistful". While I wouldn't go that far, I am also not a music critic. So whatever.

They're playing this week in the Mercury Lounge in NYC on Monday night and Bowrey Ballroom in NYC on Tuesday before a stint in L.A. for their new album release. If I lived in either place, I'd go, just to bop around like a Swedish pop-whore who's had too much cotton candy and ecstacy.

Their other songs are similarly enjoyable.


And yes, I know I owe you a story or two for last weekend and here we are plowing into another weekend, but I promise you I'm an expert procrastinator. All stories will come, in good time, fully-formed, directly from my fingers to your friendly screens. Like Minerva from Zeus' head. Or some shit. I dunno, I didn't take Greek Mythology in college, opting instead for Human Sexuality. Which reminds me of my Human Sexuality Seizure story, which I will also save for another day. Sorry.

Have a good weekend!


Drew said...

Cats, rhymes and life. I love it.

Shesajar said...

Me, too.