January 21, 2007

Music, abbreviated

The weekend kicked ass. Many stories, all which I will tell in good time and when I'm not nursing a hangover that may actually take my life. In lieu of a complete download, a brief music post, because it's easy.

1. Rufus Wainwright

This guy has been rocking my world. He's funny, and charming, and a little bit sad, and when you listen to his music you get the sense that you could be in the middle of a musical -- like these completely on-point lyrics could have organically sprug up on the lips of the people in the world around you, with you (always) the troubled hero/heroine. Plus, his voice is a little theatrical, but don't think broadway... think indie standup comedy. Favorite tracks: Instant Pleasure (featuring the lyrics "don't you really/want instant pleasure?/instant pleasure instant pleasure") and Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (lyrics include "i'm just a little bit heiress/ a little bit irish/ a little bit tower of pisa/ whenever i see you").

2. Joseph Arthur

I like him. Intricate, a sweet with a little rough thrown in just for balance. I sadly missed an opportunity to meet Joseph when he played here in Seattle -- apparently he is some degree of friends with one of my exes, who kindly offered to make it less awkward for me to approach and compliment Mr. Arthur. Later, I read this, which made me laugh, and also a little thankful I didn't do the aforementioned meeting and complimenting. Not sure I would have caught his wavelength, honestly. But enough with the babble. A Smile That Explodes is nice. Honey and the Moon is also good, but if you take the time, you'll find other tracks vastly more interesting. Those are just good places to start.


I swear to God, I was going to continue, but I am thinking its possible I am going to slip into a dehydrated coma in this chair if I do. [Also, I have the complete second season of Sex in the City on DVD sitting in the other room, so between the headache and the temptation, I'm simply unable to go on here any longer.]

Many apologies.

That said, the above two recommendations will have you completely occupied for the next few days, and there IS that "quality over quantity" thing, which applies to everything in the world except... no, it actually does apply to everything in the world.

We'll talk soon. Promise. Right now, I'm late (and underdressed) for a date with a blonde, chainsmoking jewish girl named Carrie and her three BFFs. And a man with a large nose but no first name. And the city.

[I'm retarded.]


jali said...

I don't have speakers on this PC unfortunately so I didn't click the link.

I watched a SITC marathon on HBO a few years ago and it was the greatest!

The very last episode brought me to tears.

minijonb said...

Sex in the City vs. Blogging? I think you made the right decision.

I've heard Rufus before - you're right, he's got that crazy voice that makes it work - but I've never heard any Joseph Arthur... I'll have to check it out.

Trebuchet said...

Is it bad if pretty much every episode leaves me at least considering tearing up? I watched the season with girlfriends, too, which meant every time a poignant scene closed, we all looked around and made that awful teary laughing noise, like we were soooo hating the fact that we were about to cry, even though we were completely getting off on it. Sometimes just what you need is a long girls weekend and a sappy, girl-centric sitcom.

MiniJon, I forgot to tell you... I recently added a link to you to my rotation. Hope that's cool. If not, insult me and I'll take it down. :) And let me know what you think of JA.