January 17, 2007

My Ex-Roommate Josh is saving the world

If you have a little time and would like to see why I have self-worth issues, take a gander at my friend and ex-roommate Josh's blog, which he started a few days ago from India, where he just arrived to establish a sustainable fundraising program for an organization dedicated to HIV awareness and female empowerment programming in the Indian workplace. Josh is a great example of what happens when we stop being lazy and afraid and actually do the things we always talk about wishing we could do.

Nothing's been handed to him -- he works hard, takes chances, dreams big, thinks hard about the important things and not at all (okay, well, maybe just a little) about the stuff that simply doesn't matter. Most of all, he isn't afraid of a little unknown, and that is what impresses and inspires me most about him.

I'm looking forward to reading all about his experiences, from a safe distance of course: in my nice, comfy chair in my spacious home, surrounded by meaningless but beautiful things, with a gut full of three square meals and two glasses of wine and absolutely no fear of war, famine, or arranged marraige. (Which I wouldn't have to fear even if I were in India, as I would undoubtedly be unarriable and unmanageable there, too). God bless America. Oh, and Josh, too.


jali said...

Good people usually don't have less than good people as friends so I'm sure that you're right up there with Josh - approaching sainthood. You don't necessarily have to go to the other side of the world to do good things. I like his blog.

When you share a good link or post about an issue that's important ot you - you're doing a good thing.

No more self deprecating shit... okay?

Trebuchet said...

Oh, mama Jali, you're too sweet. Don't worry, I know I'm pretty much perfect. I just self-deprecate for comic value. :)