January 09, 2006

Geek-Squad recreation of Notre Dame

Title: Ginger Dame
Medium: Gingerbread
Artists: Geek-Squad

Motivated by more than a decade of friendship beginning in honor's English and Art classes in junior high, the Geek Squad (composed of AnnMarie, Kim, Liz, Josh, Joe and Anand, who are now, respectively, a grad student in Philly, a mom and wife in Utah, a tech PR exec in Seattle, a teacher/coach in Bellingham, an actor/filmmaker in LA, and a fundraiser/speechwriter for the UN in D.C.) comes together once a year to bond over excellent food, followed by the annual building of gingerbread structures. As Ginger Dame was created by only a fraction of the Geek Squad due to GS reunion scheduling difficulties, pregnancy and the mysterious dissapearance of Josh, the piece is a more somber study - pensive, spiritual, grounded. This is in sharp contrast to past works in the medium, which include the Husky Stadium, a bomb shelter, and Martha Stewart's home -which stand as testaments to the byouant influence of the three missing members of the GS, and the unique aesthetic dynamic that results from the blending of this geeky but very beautiful team.

I love my friends.

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