January 08, 2006

Why 2006 already kicks major ass

There's something you should know. You should absolutely not call me on my cell phone or drop by my house or ask me out or expect me to work or write between June 16 and June 28 of this year.

Because I won't be home.
At all.

Ask me why.


Ask me.

(Thank you.)

I'll be in EUROPE!!!

On this oft-daydreamed about tour, I'll be traveling with 6 friends -- two of which are married (to each other) and the rest of which are guys I've known since highschool, which makes me, as usual, the token single female. I am used to, and fine with, this.

So far, here's what I know. We'll be spending time in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany at least. We'll be driving through the Alps. I'll get to revisit my favorite church on the planet in London, and I'll get to chase Nessy, and we'll attend two World Cup games. And also drink copius amounts of beer.

There will, of course, be more details here as decisions are made and the itinerary is solidified. In the meantime, if anyone has been to any of these countries (other than England, which I am very familiar with) and has any suggestions for must-sees or books to recommend so I don't go into this adventure blind, I'm all ears.

This week, we'll be buying our plane tickets and making hostel reservations. This means I'd better plan to only eat tuna for about a month and become reacquainted with my credit card.

Resolution update:
I saw the monks chant this evening. And flossed.
And prayed for people other than me.
And did some writing.

Ten points for resolutions kept. Now I just have to make them habits. How many times do you have to repeat a behavior to make it habitual? I think I used to know this.

Anyone? Anyone? Buhler?

I couldn't be happier. Damn, 2006 is really shaping up. And I'm only on week 2. :)


Danforth Withersby said...

1) You have to go to Vienna. Don't ask me to tell you the myriad reasons why. Just go.

2) An action must be repeated 255 times before it becomes part of your permanent memory, thus making it a habitual characteristic. Or so I'm told.

3) I might be coming with you.

Mister Underhill said...

Damn, all I can say is jow jellus I am. I spose I could go this summer or somethine, though.

boneycdr2 said...

You say you know enough about England, but have you ever been to one of - if - THE oldest winebar in LOndon? I've been drinking there on and off since I arrived in England more than ten years ago. Top place. Regards Scotland, you've got to "do" Edinburgh. Like Brighton further down the coast from London, there's a great vibe about about the place that is more laidback and friendly than anything else similar sized cities have to offer - and loads of great restaurants. Just a thought.

Trebuchet said...


COME!!! Meet us there. I'm not even kidding a tiny bit. You're more than welcome. And more than foolish if you don't.


What is the name of the joint? I'll go, for certain. We already have Edinburgh on our itinerary... glad we're on the right track!