January 05, 2006

I'm resolved.

So I'm really good at resolutions. Seriously. I have the follow through to actually keep them, and I routinely do. I'm just that kinda girl. If I say I'll call, I probably will.

If I get in the car to go to the gym, I hardly ever end up at the end of a pier with my bare feet dangling, a baby frosty in hand, watching the sun come down in my yoga gear and smiling at strangers (well, unless the workout resolution conflicts with the "be spontaneous" and "smile at strangers" resolutions, in which case you know what happens...)

The point: I really think resolutions are important, and I like to make and keep 'em - and I've had great success with pretty much all of them. Except for one, which I have included, again, on my list.

It's the last one. It's really the only true resolution this year. The others are just pledges - things that I already know I'm going to do or have already started but don't want to forget. But the big one is what I'm really going for, as it is that which challenges me most.

So, here goes:

Mongo's Resolutions, 2006

Patience. Have some.
Simplify, simplify, simplify
SSHHHHHHHH. Also, be concise.
Indulge my creativity.
Stop driving like a moron.
Stop fearing affection.
Write my grandma.
Visit rockstacker. Bring food. Learn.
Accept a damn compliment graciously, already.
Four words: Word Of The Day
Drink only non-concentrated orange juice.
Learn to knit.
Remember the taste of humble pie.
Join the PRSA and a book club.
Clean out the litterbox BEFORE Macy craps on roommate's bedspread.
Write press releases with kick-ass quotes that don't need revision.
Self-actualize. Today. Now.
More yoga.
Go see the monks chant once a month. Write immediately following.
Pray more for others.
Watch where I step.
Watch my head.
Watch out for cars.
Be aware of death every day. Empower it to motivate me to live.
Remember how to love like a child.
Answer personal questions.
Cook more for my friends.
Embrace my naievete but seek wisdom.
Remember I'm worth coming home to.
Stop wearing slippers to work.
End the self-doubt.
Let my life speak.
Enough with the F-bomb.


Relinquish control. Remember that giving in to the moment is not giving up. Just stop fighting everything and everyone when it seems too good to be true, or when it's not quite perfect, or anywhere in between. Remember that the best things I've had in life come from doing just this while having faith in the path to this point and recognizing I have the strength for whatever follows.

Welcome, 2006. I'm feelin' good, feelin' great. Bring it on!


Ixtab said...

If I were any good at resolutions I would steal your list and be a much better person in 12 months than I am today.

That's a damn good list. Unfortunately for me, I have no willpower, no resolve.

Good luck to you.

Danforth Withersby said...

speaking of stealing lists...

Danforth Withersby said...

Does posting date not speak volumes in such situations?

("God, what a clone...")

Trebuchet said...

Hahaha... don't be jealous, N. Also, get out of my head. Most of all, are you coming to Europe or not?