January 21, 2006

The Song List (now, with links!)

I have many "lists", as anyone who knows me knows. Lists, for example, of the top 10 things I'd never do for one million dollars, the top 10 people I'd have a head transplant with, the top 5 places I MUST live before I die. Lists for names I will give my children, might give my children, and definitely would never give my children, lists of the all-time best dreams I've ever had, the all-time worst nightmares, and the big one: the "List of Desireables". Today, I'll introduce you to a more benign and ridiculous list, and you might make fun of me. But hey! If I have a list, and want to see it in writing, thereby subjecting myself to perhaps days of ridicule, call me Bobby or Britney, but don't call me out -- because that's my prerogative.

The list is "Mongo's list of the greatest love songs of all time". (also known as: "The-list-of-songs-I-have-been-known-to-wish-were-written-for-me-in-moments-of-extreme-narcissism-because-every-girl-wishes-someone-was-writing-songs-about-them-don't-deny-it"). There are probably 50 songs on this list, and I cannot bear to put them in order. Lucky for you, I'm only going to post a few at a time.

Oh, I think it's important to note that purely happy love songs suck. You will find a few in my list, but not many. That is because I find these songs boring and innacurate. A little difficulty, craziness, impossibility, fear and/or sadness mixed in with the love stuff is so much more effective. I mean, perfect relationships are like BigFoot and the Loch Ness Monster, and frankly they don't sound that interesting even if they do exist.

So, without further ado, here is a random handful of songs from "The List":

Every Woman - Garth Brooks (i couldn't find the original, so here's a crappy cover version; sorry)
A few key excerpts: "She's sun and rain/she's fire and ice/a little crazy but it's nice" (aaawwww) "and she'll rage just like a river/then she'll beg you to forgive her" (whoops - accurate) "She's makin' love on rainy nights, she's a stroke of Christmas lights, she's everything I wanna do again".

Pretty self-explanatory. The moment I find someone who can actually say, looking directly at my head, that my sun, rain, fire, ice and a little crazy is "nice" (preferably while rhyming), I am immediately condemmning them to a lifetime with this "nice". (I can be very persuasive.) Hey, he said he wants to do it again. Over and over and over for eternity is what he's gonna get. This song almost made me love Garth Brooks. But then he got a little chubby and did that whole "grungy rockstar alter ego" thing. What was Garth 2.0's name, again? Sooo weird.

My Cherie Amour- Stevie Wonder
(aaaah. here it is.)
Classic love song. But with a few key non-english words. Also, the line "How I wish that you were miiiiiinnnneee" adds a touch of the good ol' unrequited, impossible love theme. Which I'm a sucker for every time. This song is simple, perfect, and I cannot resist swaying lamely to it.

Stay Or Leave - Dave Matthews (can't find a link, sorry)
When I first heard this song, I literally played it over and over and over in my car for two weeks. I really think it was the only song I listened to during that time. It's full of rose colored glasses and regret and bewilderment and reminiscence. But it still comes off as a real love song. I dunno. It just has that thing.

"Stay or leave - I want you not to go, but you should -- it was good, as good goes. Stay or leave - I want you not to go, but you did. So what to do with the rest of today's afternoon? Isn't it strange how we change everything we did; did I do all that I should - that I could'a done? Remember we used to dance and everyone wanted to be you and me? I want to be, too."

Good stuff. This song shares a spot with my other favorite, but more obvious, Dave love song: Crush.

Nobody's Girl - Bonnie Raitt (preview here - the whole album's good)
This song is essentially about a girl who is again, a little crazy, a little fragile, and a little temperamental but ultimately pretty fantastic if a bit lost/lonely. This girl opens some poor schmuck's eyes to the wonderful world of "her/love/her love". It's pathetically been on this list for some time. But it's really more nostalgic than anything, because one time, years ago, someone sent typed verses of this song anonymously to my house for, like, an entire year. I still don't know who it was, which leaves me somewhere between mildly flattered and REALLY freaked out. God, why IS this song on the list? Eh...

A few others that might be more obvious:

Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney (a few covers of it here)
Something - The Beatles, also a good remake by Musiq (Musiq version)
I Want You - As sung by Alana Davis
Perfect One - Lit (it's here)
Your Song - Elton John (here you go)
Blue Eyes - The Cary Brothers (from the Garden State soundtrack)

(Honorable mention: Ray LaMontagne's "Hold You In My Arms".)

You can search lots of these lyrics here, if you're interested.

It's late, I'm tired. Have a good weekend, and GO SEAHAWKS!!!


unbonhomme said...

C'mon. No iTunes store or amazon linkies?

Fine. Make us all work for it.

Trebuchet said...

Do you have no sympathy for an exhausted girl who went to the effort to post this crap for you on a FRIDAY NIGHT?

Good call, though. I'll throw in some links, soon.

unbonhomme said...

on a friday night? no date? shame. i thought that i was the only one.

Trebuchet said...

In my lame Friday-night defense:

I had to save my stamina for the Seahawks game... then I went to a hockey game on Saturday and blew it (the stamina), after the persuasion of a few very tall beers and one bad country song.

Remarkably, however, I came back with flying colors for the game, throwing the party of the century, officiating a parking lot football game at halftime AND dancing to Stevie Wonder.

Basically, with or without a Friday night date, my life is in a perpetual state of kicking ass these days. No need for pity here!

unbonhomme said...

I'm with you. I've been "date-free" for a little while now and am thoroughly enjoying it. My stress free (dating, wise) existance is rather loverly, actually.

Damit. The one song like that I ACTUALLY WANTED is M.I.A. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. What is the deal with this elusive set of DMB songs out there?

PRBabe, way back when, foisted her iPod (when I was anti) upon me, insisting that I listen to some DMB songs she had. Powerful good stuff, one made me weepy even.

auntiegrav said...

Dream a Little Dream - Mel Torme

Trebuchet said...

Ooh. Good addition. Also, "World on a String", as purely lovey-dovey-feel-good songs go.